Rules of stay

  1. Check-in time from 14.00. Check-out time – 12.00.
    You can always come to our hostel before (or leave later) and leave your bags in the storage room (that’s free), and  spend time in the common hall before accommodation, have tea / coffee, use the bathrooms. You can’t bring your friends without any agreement with the Administration.
  2. From 12:00 to 14:00 the Hostel has «cleaning hours»; it would be easier and faster if all the rooms are empty. Thank you for understanding.
  3. It is prohibited to smoke in the hostel, also you can’t drink alcohol without agreement with the Administration.
  4. Documents and valuables are best kept in a security lockers. Administration is not responsible for the things left in common areas.
  5. We try to create a home atmosphere of coziness and silence, so after 23:00 we keep silence. From 23:00 till 07:00 we close the door, so please let us know what time approximately you will come.
  6. Guest must:  

– wash the dishes after use

– switch off the light when out  of the room

– return all the keys before leaving, if it is lost – 200 rubles fine

– repair a damage in case of loss or damage of property of the hostel

  1. It is prohibited to:

– leave unknown persons, give them keys

– keep dangerous substances

– disturb other guests

– move around in street shoes, according to the old Russian habit kindly ask you to change your street shoes into the home shoes in the entrance, because it’s dirty outside, and we respect our cleaners’ work.

– eat and drink on the bed (in case of damage smth – 300 rubles fine)

  • Hostel is not responsible for the thing left in common areas and lost
  • Hostel is not responsible for the city service lines
  • Administration has a right to dissolve an agreement of stay and ask for immediate departure of the hostel in case of violation of the rules of stay

If you have any questions – do not hesitate to ask staff – they are always glad to help you with any problems!